New Stigan Performance K04 Turbo Turbocharger For Audi A4 & VW Passat 1.8T - Stigan 847-1435 New
New Stigan Performance K04 Turbo Turbocharger For Audi A4 & VW Passat 1.8T - Stigan 847-1435 New
New Stigan Performance K04 Turbo Turbocharger For Audi A4 & VW Passat 1.8T - Stigan 847-1435 New
New Stigan Performance K04 Turbo Turbocharger For Audi A4 & VW Passat 1.8T - Stigan 847-1435 New

New Stigan Performance K04 Turbo Turbocharger For Audi A4 & VW Passat 1.8T - Stigan 847-1435 New

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  • This item is not CARB-approved, and cannot ship to the state of California
  • Premium quality - Built to last
  • Every component is BRAND NEW - nothing remanufactured
  • Designed, manufactured and tested to optimize performance and durability. Direct bolt-in replacement for the stock K03 turbo. Revised second generation design with stronger components for better long-term reliability. Backed by an unmatched two year, unlimited mileage warranty!
  • This is a K04-style bolt-in high performance upgrade turbocharger. Please note that your results may vary depending on which supporting mods are done to your vehicle. It is HIGHLY recommended that you upgrade your fuel system, intercooler, and have the vehicle professionally tuned for maximum potential, and safety.This Turbocharger is NOT CARB-approved and not legal for sale in California

This is a Brand New Turbocharger

The 847-435 turbocharger is engineered for performance, efficiency and extreme durability. This turbocharger is an exact fit, drop-in replacement for the OEM turbo. No modifications are required for a fast and easy installation. turbochargers are manufactured and tested in our state-of-the-art, ISO certified factory. Backed by our industry leading warranty, you can rest assured you are getting a premium performance product. turbochargers are built to last.

This turbocharger is a K04 replacement for the factory K03. This turbo can be installed in place of the factory K03 with no other modifications required. For optimum performance, supporting upgrades such as tuning, intake and exhaust should be considered. This turbo will support a increase in horsepower from the factory 50hp up to 5hp. You will feel the improvement in power and performance with this turbo.

This part may also be known as: Turbo , Turbo Charger , Turbocharger

Customer reviews(5)

  • Sue Duvall
  • March 13, 2017
  • I have been warned not to purchase and install an aftermarket turbo and I payed that price buying a k04-015 turbo off eBay, made by Rev9. The cartridge blew out within' two days. Screwed up my MAF sensor, shot oil through my new FMIC and torched my up/downstream o2 sensors. Not to mention wasting $100 on synthetic oil and G12 coolant. I am an ASE certified mechanic and I know what I'm doing.

    With today's economy, I couldn't afford to spend over $1k on the stock replacement, nor a more expensive route. APR, ECStuning, etc etc...

    So, I took a chance on this model. The kit has the thicker, premium gaskets and a set of exhaust studs that work well. A set of high quality vacuum lines and a oil pre filler that I kept for future use. So far, this has been a great replacement. The only issue with this kit; should come with new crush washers (at least an assortment) to swap oil feed and coolant feed adapter ports. Instead, paper gaskets "ghetto washers", I call them. They are very hard to find locally. I pulled a decent set from an LKQ turbo which worked out well.

    The kit comes with pre-ignition steps to ensure the turbo is properly lubricated and has a steady oil feed to prevent premature cartridge failure.

    All and all, so far, I'm very pleased with this product and manufacturer. Spooling 20 psi under 3k Rpms. Who doesn't appreciate that!?

    My ride: 2001 VW Passat 1.8t AWM.
    2 1/2" FMIC
    4bar FPR (adjustable)
    Forge Splitter RBV
    Giac Stage 2+
    .... bunch of other crap
  • Tone Lokesta
  • January 29, 2018
  • Replaced the stock ko3 in my b5 a4, had a broken wastegate on the old turbo. The new turbo was ready to go, i just had to transfer the oil and coolant fittings and bolt everything back together! Obviously it feels incredibly faster than the stock turbo, primarily due to the fact it wasn't building any boost... I now have some larger injectors, FMIC, and a clutch to install before i get it tuned, and i'm sure it will be a new car again.

    I've only had the turbo on for around a thousand miles at this point (1/29/18) and it has been problem free. I will try and remember to update after the tune or if it gives me issues in the future.
  • RJ
  • October 6, 2018
  • Great price for a great turbo! Installed this as the base to my slight build of my 1.8t in my passat and to fix the chattering Watergate from the worn out ko3. Install was super easy if you are mechanically inclined. Took me about 4 hours with the help of a friend.

    Make sure to get about 4 extra crush washers. The coolant return line from the turbo bolts to the block, it's easier to remove the banjo bolt from the block and take of hose off with the turbo instead of trying to take the banjo bolt off at the turbo as there is a small bolt that holds that banjo bolt on and is inaccesible with the turbo on the car you will see what I mean when you do it.

    Overall this turbo is great, spools fast, sounds mean (I have a silicone turbo inlet pipe and cone filter with heat shield) and makes full boost (8psi) on a stock ko3 program. So YES you can swap this turbo in and run it on a stock tune but a k04 tune and supporting mods would be way better.

    Only problem I'm having is I think my catalytic converter is restricting the exhaust flow (it's partially melted or clogged or something) and putting my ecu into limp mode. I'm only making 5psi and the ecu is requesting more boost than it's actually getting. I'll report back once I find the problem.
  • Vi
  • November 7, 2018
  • Perfect replacement for a bad ko3 turbo. Direct fit replacement.
  • Customer
  • October 21, 2018
  • Love the performance. The response time from trottle is quick. However it would have been nice if it came with the correct gasket for the Down pipe and bolts for the down pipe as well. Overall I have been driving my Passat for a while now with the KO4 and I am very pleased with it