Planet Waves Auto-Trim Tuning Machines, 3 + 3 Setup, Chrome D' Addario &Co. Inc PWAT-331L
Planet Waves Auto-Trim Tuning Machines, 3 + 3 Setup, Chrome D' Addario &Co. Inc PWAT-331L
Planet Waves Auto-Trim Tuning Machines, 3 + 3 Setup, Chrome D' Addario &Co. Inc PWAT-331L
Planet Waves Auto-Trim Tuning Machines, 3 + 3 Setup, Chrome D' Addario &Co. Inc PWAT-331L

Planet Waves Auto-Trim Tuning Machines, 3 + 3 Setup, Chrome D' Addario &Co. Inc PWAT-331L

  • Customer reviews(5)
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  • 6 High quality precision tuners that automatically cut excess string while the guitar is tuned; 3 + 3 format
  • Individual string clamps securely hold the string in the tuning machine, avoiding the need for multiple wraps around the post
  • Excellent for tremolo use and other demanding applications
  • Precise 18:1 gearing ratio for smooth, exact tuning with minimal string slippage
  • Limited lifetime guarantee

Customer reviews(5)

  • Mustafa AlDhaheri
  • September 28, 2015
  • - high quality build and feel
    - all the black parts are native black colored (no paint will be scratched later)
    - they fit perfectly on a Gibson Les Paul
    - they are tight
    - they cut the 46 gauge string easily
    I was looking for locking tuners to replace the G-Force as it is not accurate enough to and delicate. Thought about Grover 106C but they are taller and has a deferente locking mechanism, but end up with these as they fit perfectly in the Gibson LP Studio 2015 (original hole is 10mm from back to front) the Grover would require a smaller hole size on the front so they will rotate and function well.
  • Amazon Customer
  • March 29, 2017
  • These are super gnarly and big I had to drill out the holes in my Les Paul and the bit broke big shards of the wood and lacquer around the hole where it ran through but that's probably my fault. fortunately they come with a really big black washer to cover the damage you cause. The knobs are huge, they wouldn't fit on like a Jackson Randy Rhoads style neck they would hit each other. I wouldn't buy these if you like to tweak on your guitar and take the strings off everyday. This is because it cuts the string off right behind where it locks so the strings to short to stick back in. Another thing to watch for is if you you don't get the strings taught enuff before you clamp it down you can spin the shaft around past 180\u00b0 and cut the wrong side of the string off. Despite all these issues I still rated at five stars because your guitar is so clean with the string snipped off like that you can't snag them on anything or stab your self they would be perfect for one of those travel guitars or like a little kids guitar.
  • R.E. Burke
  • February 11, 2013
  • I've been wavering between giving these four or five stars. In the end, anything less than five would be plain unfair. These are well-engineered and constructed tuning mechanisms that were easy to install on my Takemine acoustic electric. The operation is smooth and precise but takes some practice.

    Some further details may be helpful to anyone seriously interested in using these:

    1. Installation. You will need a 1\/2 inch head on a socket wrench and a small Philips screwdriver. I thought I was going to be using a micro driver, but the amount of torque required made something bigger a necessity. Replacing the existing Takemine mechanisms didn't take more than 15 minutes. The Planet Waves ones simply slid into the existing holes. Even the screw holes lined up.

    2. Stringing. These mechanisms are designed with a screw clamp for the strings. Line the marking on each peg to face the bridge, nest the string with some degree of slack (for winding), tighten the thumbscrew, and tune. The mechanism snips off the excess string within half a turn of the peg.

    3. Operation. The 18:1 gearing makes the tuning very smooth, precise and stable. It really puts the standard Takemine pegs to shame (at least on the less expensive lines).

    4. Build quality. Very high. These are very solidly built pegs with a brilliant chrome finish.

    Would I buy these again? Absolutely. Do they improve the tuning? Yes! Would I put them on other types of guitars? Well, I'm considering retrofitting a Stratocaster with PW's 6 in line model. Amazon has these at a fairly economical price for this kind of quality, and I had every reason to think these mechanisms will outlive the guitar.
  • Ian Finley
  • May 1, 2012
  • I love locking tuners. They're one of the best things you can do for your guitar. Especially if, like me, you have way too many of them and you're really lazy about restringing. With locking tuners, restringing a guitar takes - at most - 10 minutes. If you're trying to go slow.

    I have Sperzel locking tuners on all my other guitars, but figured I'd give these a try - the auto-trim seemed interesting. To be honest, I don't feel that it's a vital feature. I did see another reviewer say it didn't always work for him, and another reviewer wrote about holding the string a certain way. I didn't do anything special and it just worked. I can see how you might need to bend the string back a bit. But again, as I said, not a big deal.

    Now, I did have one string pop back out on me while tuning. AFTER being cut. With my other locking tuners, hand-tightening the nut is enough to keep the string in place. Maybe I wasn't paying attention, or maybe these guys just need to be tightened extra-hard. Once again, probably not an actual problem and I was able to get the string back in there and it hasn't popped back out yet, so...

    One thing about replacing your guitar's tuning pegs with locking tuners - and this is true for the six guitars I've done this on (which were a mix of acoustic, electric and a banjo) and no matter which brand I use. I've never, ever been able to use the original screw holes that the original tuning pegs used. This means you'll be drilling tiny holes in your guitar. I've also never had the good fortune of having the new tuners cover up the original holes, so I've been putting the original screws back in. Looks less silly than having holes in the headstock. Again, this is not specific to these guys, but I thought anyone considering this operation might want to know.

    UPDATE: I have now used several sets of strings with these tuners, and WITHOUT FAIL one of them eventually flies out while tuning, usually after the thing has cut the excess string off so it's REALLY HARD to get the thing back in there. This is even worse with coated strings. I find that I absolutely cannot manually tighten the nuts, I have to use pliers to give it an extra turn.
  • Leah S.
  • December 11, 2016
  • These are a very high quality machine head for your guitar. I have these on several of my guitars and I love them. The 18:1 ration is awesome and the auto trimming is perfect no sharp point to worry about. There have been some quality control issue with these in the past but D'Addario always corrected by sending another tuner or replacing something that was missing. I even have a guitar that has a 4-2 config. I bought a 3-3 config set and D'Addario sent me anther tuner for free to make the set work. If you get these you in the end will not be disappointed.